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Monolithic Power Semiconductor (MPS)
WeEn Semiconductors Co., Ltd
Epson (China) Co., Ltd.
HTC TAEJIN Technology Co
Futaba Corporation
KEL Corporation
uPI Semiconductor Corp
SIMCom Wireless Solutions Limited
Fremont Micro Devices Limited
HDSC Semiconductor
PixArt Imaging Inc
Macronix International Co., Ltd
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Dear Customers and Vendors: We have learnt of email phishing / impersonation scams increasing in numbers recently. If there is any unusual format, any irregular communication, suspicious attachments, you are welcome contact us to double-confirm. For major issue such as change in Bank Remittance information, we will always have dual authentication, by writing and also voice confirmation with you. 本公司發現有網絡釣魚 / 假冒詐騙的電子郵件,請檢查該電子郵件發件人地址是否有可疑。如有疑問,請隨時跟我們聯繫。 對於重大問題(例如銀行匯款信息的更改),我們將會進行雙重身份驗證,包括與您進行書寫和電話確認。
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