FAE : Multiple people

Working Location: Shenzhen Futian


Job Description

1、Responsible for providing related product promotion and design in adjustment

2、Promote customer relations, cooperate with sales and marketing departments to solve customer-related technical problems

3、Actively understand and learn about the company’s agent related product lines and related technology different


Qualification Requirements

1、Responsible for power products DC-DC / or AC-DC high-power power supply / or sensor / or MCU technical support

2、Ability to effectively process schematic/PCB layout inspection capabilities and functional debugging

3、Good interpersonal relations and communication skills.

4、More than 2 years of relevant work experience in FAE or motherboard / Server DC-DC/ R&D technical support.

5、Graduated from Electronics major.

Sales Engineer : Multiple people

Working Location: Shenzhen Futian


Job Description

1、Responsible for the product promotion of the company’s agent product line

2、Develop sales targets and work plans, expand sales

3、Responsible for the maintenance and follow-up of customer projects, and explore new project opportunities;

4、Understand product trends, grasp industry market trends, and make sales forecasts.


Qualification Requirements

1、College degree, electronic engineering or communication engineering related professional is preferred;

2、More than one year of sales experience, with a background in the electronics industry;

3、Have experience in sales of basic components such as Diodes, Transistors, IC,  MOS and Crystal Oscillators;

4、Business experience with agents or existing customers service is preferred

5、Diligent and studious, enterprising and responsible


1、Competitive salary in the industry;

2、 Double salary at the end of the year, with annual salary adjustment opportunities; two performance bonuses per year

3、Housing security for healthy pensions: Five insurances and one housing fund (old age, medical care, work-related injury, childbirth, unemployment, housing provident fund) for entry into the job;

4、Physical Examination: Since physical health is the basis of work, company organizes employees to conduct physical examinations every year;

5、Goddess’ Day: Women’s Day on March 8th, female colleague enjoy a half-day paid holiday;

6、Enjoy all kinds of marriage leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, paid annual leave, sick leave, etc. stipulated by the state;

7、Complete Training and Development System: induction training, professional training, management training, internal and external training by senior employees for newcomers.

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