New Levels of Power Density

Silicon MOSFETs has used extensively in most power application since 35 years ago that displaced the bipolar transistor. In these 10 years, Gallium Nitride (GaN) is already an established semiconductor material, employed extensively in LED lighting and wireless applications. Now, with GaN FET’s characteristics and process advances (lower Rdson and Qg), the power converter will have the greater efficiency, faster switching frequency and smaller dimension. The GaN will definitely bring the current power solution into next level.

uPI GaN Driver Family

uPI ultra high speed 80V HB driver — uP1966 is designed to effectively to drive both high-side and low-side GaN FETs in half and full-bridge configuration. It integrates the dead-time control circuit, internal boostrap supply and faster propagation delay. Compared to discrete implementations, it’s simple to use, and it brings your power solution to achieve high power density and efficiency with less component counts. The uP1966 has Couple versions version which supports different input source, adjustable dead time control and ultra high frequency application. All versions are available in 12-pin WLCSP package with minimized package inductance.


  • Input voltage up to 80V
  • Independent high-side and low-side TTL logic input
  • 0.4Ω/0.7Ω pull-down/pull-low resistance
  • Internal boostrap supply voltage
  • Independent dead time control
  • 15ns fast propagation delay
  • WLCSP 1.6 X 1.6 mm2 – 12B


uPI high performance Single-Channel gate driver — uP1964 is designed to effectively to drive low-side MOSFET or GaN FETs application with high source and sink output driving capacity. The uP1964 features strong and fast driver, 13.5ns fast propagation delay, and it integrates LDOs which could provide 5V to logic circuit or isolator power supply. Moreover, it has the adjustable pin to adjust the gate driver output voltage level. uP1964 is simple and suitable to use in high power application where larger FETs are used. The uP1964 is available in 10-pins WDFN 3 X 3 mm2 package.


  • 6V to 12V Single supply range
  • 0.4Ω/0.7Ω pull-down/pull-low resistance
  • 6A/2A peak sink and source drive current
  • Integrated LDO
  • Adjustable gate driver output voltage
  • 5ns, fast rise and fall times
  • 13.5ns fast propagation delay
  • WDFN 3 X 3 mm2 – 10 Pins

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